for Shenandoah City Council
 Vote on May 1, 2021


As a member of the Shenandoah Planning Commission. I have an opportunity to view first hand the trends in commercial and residential growth in our city. We as commissioners are tasked with anticipating that growth and plan on how to handle it. Using the last Shenandoah ten year plan, we are currently working on finalizing the plan for the next ten years by reviewing the present zoning areas and determining whether to keep them as they are or re-designate them to accommodate that commercial and population growth. 

We in Shenandoah have been fortunate to have the present Mayor, city council and city administrator. They have shown that they are more than qualified in meeting the needs of their constituents. I want to be a part of that team. 

The upcoming vacancy in the city council is a great opportunity for me to continue the fine work that the Mayor, City Council, the City Administrator and her staff have been doing. Specifically in the areas of fiscal responsibility, the improvement of the quality of life and public safety. 

As a ten year resident of Shenandoah, I have seen a substantial amount of growth and the consequences that come with expansion. Five subdivisions have been built since my wife and I moved here. That's a substantial increase in population and with that, an increase in traffic flow. 

That growth also increases the demand on everything that supports a comfortable life such as water, drainage, sewage, waste disposal, power demands, police protection etc.  

As one of a handful of initial clients of the TACHUS fiber optic internet service, I lobbied for and supported the expansion of fiber optic service to Shenandoah. A service that many of us really needed to have.  

In the last five years or so, we in Shenandoah have suffered through very frequent power outages. I along with many other residents of this community have petitioned both Entergy and the city government to address these issues with Entergy.  

The city government has been successful in having Entergy update the power infrastructure that feeds electricity to the areas of Silverwood Ranch and the valley areas of Shenandoah. As a result, upgrades to transformers, power lines, more frequent tree and bush maintenance have been made, additionally the redirecting of power from Grogan's Mill to those homes in the Wellman Rd corridor that has been drawing its power from the valley area is almost complete. 

If elected, I intend to join the Mayor, the council members and the city administrator in the continuing effort to keep Shenandoah the best community in this region.



Presently serving as a Commissioner in the City of Shenandoah Planning and Zoning Commission.

Extensive investigative, managerial and administrative experience 

Thirty-two year law enforcement experience 

Twenty year US Army active duty and Reserve leadership experience 

Superlative communication and team-building skills 

Accredited US Army master instructor 

US Treasury Senior Economic Crimes Advisor/Instructor

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) visiting instructor

Fluent in Spanish language skills


Acting Deputy Assistant Director for International Affairs for Operations, in charge of fifty-six Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Attaché offices located in US embassies and Consulate General offices worldwide. 

Direct dialogue with a wide variety of foreign law enforcement representatives located in Washington DC and overseas including Directors General of foreign law enforcement and customs organizations. 

Certified as a U.S. Army Reverse Master Instructor specializing in combat leadership and military police subjects where interpersonal and teamwork skills are essential.


Assigned to the DHS/ICE Office of International Affairs, as a first level supervisor, Area Director and second level supervisor, Acting Deputy Assistant Director in charge of the Foreign Operations Division. Managed the daily investigative and administrative support of fifty-six attaché offices consisting of over 250 criminal investigators and administrative staff located in US embassies in forty countries.

Assigned to the U.S. Customs Service Office of Internal Affairs Management Inspection Division. Led teams of senior level Special Agents and administrative specialists while conducting internal management reviews, audits, inspections and organizational assessments of U.S. Customs overseas and domestic offices. Conducted complex analysis of operational, investigative and administrative functions. Issued reports providing impartial assessments and recommendations for process improvement options targeting efficiency and compliance with regulations.

Special Agent (Criminal Investigator) U.S. Customs Service. Conducted complex Investigations into violations of federal laws including drug smuggling, general smuggling, money laundering, commercial fraud, illegal exports (munitions, technology and embargo violations) and violations of customs laws and regulations. 

Retired U.S. Army Reserve Senior Non Commissioned Officer last assignment was as a Battalion Command Sergeant Major. Have performed at every leadership position in the non-commissioned officer leadership ladder. 

Quantitative skills

Conducted complex criminal investigations relating to money laundering, marine and air drug smuggling, trade fraud and illegal export of munitions and dual use technology. 

Principal undercover agent in major money laundering and drug smuggling investigations. 

Conducted internal conspiracy investigations at the Port of New Orleans.

Participated in Port Security assessments.

Primary Firearms Instructor responsible for inventory and recording of special agents qualifications with issued firearms. 

Law enforcement experience at all levels (Military Police, Sheriff’s Office, State Police and Federal jurisdictions)


U.S. Army Master Instructor- Instructor for Primary Leadership Development Course (PLDC), Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course (BNCOC), Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Course (ANOC), First Sergeant Course (1SGC) and Military Police Course.

Guest Instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (Customs Academy).

U.S. Treasury Office of Technical Assistance Senior Advisor and instructor Provided classroom instruction on financial and corruption investigations to law enforcement authorities in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Paraguay. 


Presently Retired 

Under yearly contract to US Treasury Office of Technical Assistance (OTA) Economic Crimes Team as a criminal investigations advisor/instructor. 5/06 to 12/12 

Acting Deputy Assistant Director (Supervisory Criminal Investigator) DHS/ICE Office of International Affairs, Foreign Operations Division, Washington D.C. 11/2004 – 12/31/2006 (GS 1811-15)

Area Director (Supervisory Criminal Investigator) DHS/ICE Office of International Affairs Foreign Operations, Washington D.C. 4/2002 to 11/2004 (GS 1811-15)

Criminal Investigator U.S. Customs Service Office of Internal Affairs/Management Inspections Division, Tucson, AZ/Washington D.C. 3/1999 - 4/2002 (GS 1811-14)

Criminal Investigator U.S. Customs Service Office of Investigations, New Orleans, LA 12/1985 – 3/1999 (GS 1811-13)

Louisiana State Police Trooper/Detective, New Orleans, Louisiana 8/1981 – 12/1985

Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Deputy/Detective, Metairie, LA 9/1976 – 8/1981

U.S. Army Reserve (7/1982 – 11/1998) Platoon Sergeant, First Sergeant, Master Instructor, Director of Instruction, Command Sergeant Major

U.S. Army Active Duty (6/1973 – 9/1976) Military Police Investigator

U.S. Army Active Duty (10/1968 – 9/1970) Combat Infantryman


Columbia University Graduate School of Business- Customs Leadership Institute Harriman, NY -- 2003 
Delgado College New Orleans, LA, Criminal Justice 1982

Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, LA, Criminal Justice 1976