EARLY VOTING       April 25 to May 3, 2022
ELECTION DAY       MAY 7, 2022

May 7, 2022
Shenandoah City Hall





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I have been asked why I would leave my council position for the position of Mayor.

My decision was not an easy one. As a council member I have a one in five vote on matters that impact every aspect of our residential and commercial stability and future. While this is a very crucial part of city government that the residents of the city entrusted in me, I feel that I have those attributes required to represent and lead the city through times of residential and commercial growth.

My career in law enforcement at all levels of authority local, state and federal at all levels of management responsibility, including executive level management along with my twenty plus years of military leadership experience have enabled me to acquire a sense of discipline, integrity and responsibility. I have been involved in dealing with major emergencies including inclement weather events such as hurricanes, flooding, evacuations mass demonstrations. I have coordinated multi-agency law enforcement projects. I have coordinated with high level government officials both domestic and international. Experience I feel is needed for the position of Mayor.

I view that the role of Mayor as more than conducting a council session.

It is to represent the city and to develop and maintain relationships with surrounding elected officials. We are surrounded by growing areas of fast residential and commercial growth. Executive leadership is essential.

Our present mayor has done an outstanding job at developing and maintaining relationships. If elected, I will continue those relationships as they are beneficial to our city and its residents.  I will ensure that our high level of transparency is maintained. As a federal government executive, I oversaw large budgets.   I enforced fiscal responsibility.  I will ensure that the high level of fiscal responsibility the city has, is maintained.

If elected I will continue to support our police department to ensure our public safety.

I will continue to work with the city staff as they conduct the day-to-day operations.  If elected, I will negotiate with state and county officials as needed to support projects that will benefit our city and those neighboring communities as a whole.  If elected, I will continue to listen to the residents and commercial partners on matters that will improve our public safety and quality of life.  If elected, I will continue to maintain a hands-on policy on those major projects that need to be guided through the bureaucracy of government funding approval and completion such as the David Memorial extension and the Research Forest intersection.

I have been on the council for a year by the time the election comes around. That experience along with my time on Planning and Zoning has given me a close up look at what the needs of the city are, and what we are doing and need to do to fulfill those needs. I will continue to address the challenges of our growing community such as public safety, traffic congestion, upgrade drainage and sewage to keep pace with residential and commercial growth.

If elected, I will devote all my efforts to keep Shenandoah the vibrant and special place that is my home and yours. 

That is why I want to be Mayor.



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